Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Mary Mary Marketing Plan...

I am now in a Digital Marketing course, and we are learning to analyze websites, their capabilities, and how to attract an audience. I remember back in the Myspace days when I felt like it was my personal website. The Internet has become an important aspect of our everyday lives. We wake up, get dressed, listen to music, run through our daily plans, drive to our destined locations (work, school, errands, etc.), and end our day back at home. These are the basic details, but the details include: checking emails, getting locations or directions, search the Internet for information, and enjoy streaming music and videos. All this is being done without even thinking!

Accessing the Internet has becoming another sense that us humans do without even thinking, unless the WiFi is slow and then IT IS A PROBLEM! While accessing and feeding our need for the World Wide Web, many businesses and individuals have benefitted from this addiction the world has. 

dIgItaL mArKeTiNg

The music industry has really benefitted from digital marketing. One of my favorite Gospel artists/groups are testaments to it: Mary Mary. These two sisters have bridged the gap between the Gospel world and both Christians and secular audiences. On the Columbia Record label, they have extended their marketing far beyond just the labels efforts. Using Social Media outlets, SMS, and Email blasts, they have gained a vast following. I am a part of their email list, Twitter follower, and Facebook fan. These updates broadcast to their audience new products and appearance dates. But beyond their number of fans, these numbers can be marketed to for contests and potential sales. They have released to date 6 albums, 2 books, and working on a female cosmetic line.

Their website is a very interactive site. It spotlights:
·     Home Page
·     News
·     Blog
·     Show Dates
·     Music
·     Media
·     Bio
·     Community
·     Shop Page

In analyzing their site, it is very user friendly and easy on the eyes. One unique feature is instead of a search bar (which no one really uses) they have a subscribe bar that allows an individual to stay connected. The Twitter timeline, and links to their Facebook, Myspace, Vevo, YouTube, and Ping accounts are all accessible. This is a GREAT site to hear some GOOD singing and a positive message!

Click here to view the Mary Mary website!

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