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Love, Onitsha

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The sound of Gospel Music has changed tremendously. I remember growing up listening to my Walkman Cassette Player, playing songs I had recorded off the radio (both of those statements date me). Just as technology has changed, so has the sound of the typical church song. Foot stomping and hand clapping now has more rhythm and bump. According to The Dunlap Digest, an artist that has kept current with the changes and creating a whole new sound is none other than Onitsha. Who? You may ask.


If you have either one of her CDs, “Church Girl” or “Love, Onitsha” she makes it plain on how to pronounce her unique name on the first track of each album. This uniqueness only emulates her sound. Her vocal ability is hard to ignore. She is secure in her alto/tenor vocal range and has the ability to give you goose-bumps with her melodic harmonies. With the release of her second album, she takes a spin on some today’s most popular radio hits. Don’t be swayed by the familiar tune to mistaken the gospel charge that is present in her music. With songs like “Try Me” and “Holding Me Down” on the album, it is apparent whom she represents! Onitsha is more than an upcoming Gospel Artist, I believe that she is changing the sound and expectation that people place on religious music.

She has gained a vast following on Social Media Networks. Here is a link to her Twitter @OniTshA where she is a part of #teamfollowback (My tweeple know what that means). An anointed, humble, and warm person, I want you to support and get to know Onitsha!

Like me, who doesn’t like the price $ FREE.99! If you have not heard this album, you don’t have to simply listen and sample it. Click here to download it for $ FREE.99!

I got the opportunity to ask Onitsha some questions (her responses in pink, that's how she responded to me LOL):

DD:  At what age did you begin singing?
O:  I started singing at the age of 4.

DD:  Growing up, what musical artist influenced you the most?
O:  Well, I had a lot of musical influences growing up, but I learned most of what I know from my mom & dad. Other influences: Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Ray Charles, Daryl Coley, Michael Jackson and Angie & Debbie Winans.

DD:  Onitsha! I’m sure that many have really messed up your 1st name (LOL) but you have made it clear in song how you pronounce it and your nickname. What are some of the ways people have misspelled or mispronounced your name?
O:  Oh wow! I've gotten some of everything. Ontishia, Ont-sha, Osheena, O'Neil.....everything wrong! LOL!

DD:  5 years ago, could you have imagined the place that God has allowed you today?
O:  Well, five years ago, I was in a different place musically. I was signed to a major label and had a shelved record, but I knew that God would come through for me and eventually that record was released. I am no longer with a label, but I was recently able to produce and release an inspirational mixtape that I am very happy with. :-)

DD:  I remember turning on television and seeing you singing backgrounds for major artists and even the world TV hit American Idol! Can you name some artists that you have shared the stage with?
O:  Let's see...Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Brandy, Kelly Clarkson, & Carrie Underwood. I am also a background vocalist on the new FOX show GLEE.

DD:  As a singer myself, I LOVE singing backgrounds! What are your thoughts on any differences between taking the lead and backgrounds? Which has more musical fun?
O:  Background singing is definitely a hard job, but there is not as much pressure to be perfect when you're in the background. You can't sound a mess, but you can get away with a little bit of here and there. LoL. I enjoy both, but I know it's all eyes on me when I hit the stage to do my own thing.

DD:  Would you consider yourself a songwriter? Is it something that you enjoy?
O:  Yes, I am a songwriter. I write or co-write most of my material. And I love it!

DD:  Do you limit your vocal abilities to one genre of music? What are your thoughts on artists being open to singing all types of music?
O:  No I don't limit myself. I've been fortunate enough to work with all types of artist from gospel to pop to country, so I've sang some of everything.

DD:  You have a new Mixtape released! “Love, Onitsha” A listener can hear some popular guest appearances and some of their favorite radio hits with a new gospel spin. How was the process of creating and writing this Mixtape?
O: Just kidding. I just woke up one morning and decided to do an inspirational mixtape. I wanted to release on Thanksgiving, so that only gave me 3 and a half weeks. It took a lot of hard work..early mornings and late night, but it was worth it.

DD:  Describe working with the likes of Drizzy Drake and Amber Riley from Glee and other guest appearances on the Mixtape.
O:  It was phenomenal working with everyone. We're all friends and I was honored that they said yes.

DD:  I would have to say that my favorite song would be “He Is” from the 1st album entitled “Church Girl”. What is your favorite song that you have released?
O:  Thank you. I guess as time goes on my favorites change up. Right now, I really like "Try Me", but my all time fave would have to be "This One". I still get tons of messages about how that song has helped so many people get through their "This One". :-)

Random Questions:
DD:  What is your favorite cereal of all times?
O:  Pops and/or Cinammon Toast Crunch
DD:  Where would your dream vacation be?
O:  Onitsha, Nigeria. :-)
DD:  Blackberry vs. iPhone?
O:  LOL...I think you already know, but BLACKBERRY.
DD:  What was the last movie you went to see?
O:  True Grit..Loved it! I'm a super movie buff.
DD:  What is something you do that nobody knows or notices? (Ex. Count your steps, bite your nails, or have a shoe collection)
O:  I eat ice everyday and I have a favorite type. 

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