Sunday, May 22, 2011

Music Industry Insight from Pastor Seon Thompson

Pastor Seon Thompson is a name that has been setting a blaze and creating a buzz on the mic for quite some time now. Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, PT (Pastor Thompson) started Refuge Temple of Flint in early 2004. It has now become one of the fastest growing churches in the area. Not only does he teach God's word to a mass congregation, but he also owns and operates Just Wait Records. Just Wait Records is an independent label created to spotlight Christian based ministry. He is the debut artist for the label and his first album entitled, "I'm Out - Live" has had the Billboard charting single "I Want the World to See."

Having many roles including pastor, entrepreneur, and artist, the Dunlap Digest had the pleasure to interview PT and asking him about the many responsibilities and insight into the music industry.

DD:  How important is it for a business owner and artist to use proper negotiation skills?

PT: It is very important! I negotiate on a regular basis. With the record company, I'm looking over contracts making sure certain services are fulfilled and in a timely manner. Also pricing, length of services, and expectations are things that I negotiate. On an artist's stand point, my contract and rider has to be approved by the venue and promotion team. It is equally important to remember that time is money.

DD: How do you juggle the many roles being a Pastor, Record Label CEO, and also an Artist?

PT: It is definitely demanding. I believe it takes teamwork to make the dream work. If I didn't have people to help administrate those demands, the juggle would be virtually impossible. Another way to juggle the roles is by being selective, without prejudice, in what we participate in. Many requests come, but not all are fruitful.

DD: Let's say you run into a negotiation and some problems arise. How do you separate the person from the problem?

PT: Rule # 1 is to remove the emotion out of the situation. As in most negotiations, each party is batting for their own deal. I always go to the table with a reasonable range. At the time of deal making, it's not about the person it's about putting bread in the mouth of my family.

Pastor Seon Thompson is currently working on his 2nd recording. For more information on booking, events, and news updates check out his Facebook, Twitter, and Website!

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