Friday, August 26, 2011

Soaring into the iCloud...

If you are an addict to Apple Inc. products like me, then you are excited about the new storage space created! iCloud will be released this September 2011 and will be replacing their previous file sharing and storage application: Mobile Me.

iCloud will function similar to Mobile Me, whereas you can upload photos, documents, music, and calendars. But the new features allow you to upload apps and music directly from your iTunes library! What is uploaded can be pushed wirelessly to your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac or PC.

When you sign up for iCloud, you receive 5GB of FREE storage space! Any purchased music, apps, books, and TV shows from iTunes will NOT count against your storage space. So you can upload your entire iTunes library (if all were purchased from iTunes) and still have 5GB of space to use! If you have music on your library that was not purchased on iTunes and you want to upload it to iCloud there is a $24.99 fee. This fee allows you to upload any music that you own legally and enable you to share it to your different devices.

Are you in need of more space? Below are a listing of the price packages you can receive:
10GB - $20.00 a year
20GB - $40.00 a year
50GB - $100.00 a year

But wait! Don’t forget to add your FREE 5GB on top of whatever package you get! The service will allow you to upgrade your storage package from any device that has the iCloud service.

I have to say, that I’m very excited about the upcoming release. There have been apps that I purchased on my iPhone, but cannot share or sync with my iPad or my Mac. (Yes, I am addicted to Apple Products) I encourage all to get ready to SOAR INTO THE iCloud!


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