Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Mary Mary Marketing Plan...

I am now in a Digital Marketing course, and we are learning to analyze websites, their capabilities, and how to attract an audience. I remember back in the Myspace days when I felt like it was my personal website. The Internet has become an important aspect of our everyday lives. We wake up, get dressed, listen to music, run through our daily plans, drive to our destined locations (work, school, errands, etc.), and end our day back at home. These are the basic details, but the details include: checking emails, getting locations or directions, search the Internet for information, and enjoy streaming music and videos. All this is being done without even thinking!

Accessing the Internet has becoming another sense that us humans do without even thinking, unless the WiFi is slow and then IT IS A PROBLEM! While accessing and feeding our need for the World Wide Web, many businesses and individuals have benefitted from this addiction the world has. 

dIgItaL mArKeTiNg

The music industry has really benefitted from digital marketing. One of my favorite Gospel artists/groups are testaments to it: Mary Mary. These two sisters have bridged the gap between the Gospel world and both Christians and secular audiences. On the Columbia Record label, they have extended their marketing far beyond just the labels efforts. Using Social Media outlets, SMS, and Email blasts, they have gained a vast following. I am a part of their email list, Twitter follower, and Facebook fan. These updates broadcast to their audience new products and appearance dates. But beyond their number of fans, these numbers can be marketed to for contests and potential sales. They have released to date 6 albums, 2 books, and working on a female cosmetic line.

Their website is a very interactive site. It spotlights:
·     Home Page
·     News
·     Blog
·     Show Dates
·     Music
·     Media
·     Bio
·     Community
·     Shop Page

In analyzing their site, it is very user friendly and easy on the eyes. One unique feature is instead of a search bar (which no one really uses) they have a subscribe bar that allows an individual to stay connected. The Twitter timeline, and links to their Facebook, Myspace, Vevo, YouTube, and Ping accounts are all accessible. This is a GREAT site to hear some GOOD singing and a positive message!

Click here to view the Mary Mary website!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Passing of Pastor Zachary Tims...

On Friday, August 12, 2011, the 42-year-old Pastor Zachary Tims was found dead at W Hotel in Times Square, New York City, NY. A hotel employee found him at approximately 6 pm. The worker went to the room to check the minibar and noticed that the room was locked from the inside by the deadbolt. It is reported that he was in New York City for a meeting/conference and was supposed to preach that next Sunday in Texas.

I want to first state a disclaimer that the Dunlap Digest is not making any claims of opinion on the rumors of his death.

Pastor Tims founded New Destiny Christian Center with his then wife Riva in 1996. The NDDC grew to what now has a congregation of 8,000 members and two locations. The main sanctuary is located in Apopka, FL, where there is also a youth ministry building and a gymnasium and sits on 21-acres.

In his published biography, “It’s Never Too Late,” his memoir tells how a teenage criminal transformed his ways and became a prospering pastor. The book sold more than 25,000 copies through Charisma House Publications. In many of his sermons, he spoke of his addictions to drugs and his affiliations to gangs and selling drugs. It was reported that his body was found with a white powdery substance, hinting that there may have been a drug overdose. The drug toxicology test has not been released, so no cause of death has determined. The NDCC has experienced a great loss. There have been rumors that his ex-wife, Riva Tims, may be considered the new pastor.

Upon moving to Orlando, FL, I attended NDCC from January 2011 to June 2011. I began by just visiting and then joined the ministry and joined the choir and praise team. I can remember many messages Pastor Tims taught that seemed to be addressed right to me personally. He spoke and preached on faith, tithes, and success in Christ.

Amidst the many rumors regarding his death, I can only sympathize for his family and church members. What comes to mind is a saying my grandmother always told me, “Everyone is human and makes mistakes. What you judge may become your future.” I pray that others can live by this and realize that everyone has their own struggles and adversities to overcome. With that being said, let’s continue to stay prayerful and remember the good more so than the bad of anyone. RIP Pastor Zachary Tims.

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Soaring into the iCloud...

If you are an addict to Apple Inc. products like me, then you are excited about the new storage space created! iCloud will be released this September 2011 and will be replacing their previous file sharing and storage application: Mobile Me.

iCloud will function similar to Mobile Me, whereas you can upload photos, documents, music, and calendars. But the new features allow you to upload apps and music directly from your iTunes library! What is uploaded can be pushed wirelessly to your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac or PC.

When you sign up for iCloud, you receive 5GB of FREE storage space! Any purchased music, apps, books, and TV shows from iTunes will NOT count against your storage space. So you can upload your entire iTunes library (if all were purchased from iTunes) and still have 5GB of space to use! If you have music on your library that was not purchased on iTunes and you want to upload it to iCloud there is a $24.99 fee. This fee allows you to upload any music that you own legally and enable you to share it to your different devices.

Are you in need of more space? Below are a listing of the price packages you can receive:
10GB - $20.00 a year
20GB - $40.00 a year
50GB - $100.00 a year

But wait! Don’t forget to add your FREE 5GB on top of whatever package you get! The service will allow you to upgrade your storage package from any device that has the iCloud service.

I have to say, that I’m very excited about the upcoming release. There have been apps that I purchased on my iPhone, but cannot share or sync with my iPad or my Mac. (Yes, I am addicted to Apple Products) I encourage all to get ready to SOAR INTO THE iCloud!