Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Radio, The Way It’s Supposed to be… Bonnerfide!

What’s on the Menu:
Times have truly changed from the 80’s & 90’s when I was a child. Gas is now up to $3.25, pay phones are nowhere to be found, the AOL dial-up noise is no longer necessary, and the radio is not limited to only AM/FM dials! Here’s a taste of one of the leading Internet Radio Stations! Dig in...

Graduating valedictorian of his class at Virginia Union University, Gerard Bonner has indeed changed the way we listen to radio. With a background in Mathematics, he has a keen eye for entertainment and music. While in Undergrad he teamed up with three friends to create This website gives reviews on the newest music in the Gospel Industry and interviews some of the leading mainstream artists. Gerard spent 4 years on Rejoice 100.9 hosting an entertainment segment; he hosts The Gospel Beat (an entertainment segment that airs in Pittsburgh, PA and New Haven, CT) as well as Brother Live (a weekly radio talk show geared towards Christian men), and has launched his own photography company! Whew… He has a FULL plate!

The real meat and potatoes of this post is the work that he does on BONNERFIDE RADIO. This radio station cannot be found on your over the shoulder, tune dial, tape deck boom box. You will simply need internet access (who doesn’t anymore? It’s 2011! C’mon folks). Gerard spotlights both signed and emerging artists, as well as Gospel and Inspirational music; creating a fresh and new wave of radio. In addition listeners can participate in the LIVE broadcasts and chat with other listeners! There has been so much growth in the chat room that Bonnerfide Radio listeners have created their own group! The BRC (Bonnerfide Radio Crew) extends to over 47 states and 55 countries.
Gerard has not only kept up with the forever changing trends, but he has created a movement! With the help of Facebook and Twitter, Bonnerfide Radio has reached over 55,000 visits and over 75,000 views to the site. In September of 2010, the station went 24/7 so you now can listen to great music ALL DAY no matter what time zone your in.

If you’ve read my other two posts, then you will know that The Dunlap Digest loves the cost of $ FREE.99! Make sure to tune in to Bonnerfide Radio at 9 EST for your chance to participate in the LIVE Broadcasts and win CDs, merchandise, and get great tips on real life situations.

Once you've tune into the station, jump right into the chat room! The BRC will welcome you right in! Enjoy…

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