Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Call To Men...

Pass the Plate!
This is a new section of The Dunlap Digest. Envision a family dinner with about 25 family members talking, eating, and enjoying each other’s company. But in the midst of the entire buzz you want more of macaroni & cheese (Yes, I am internally FAT), so you have to scream to the person at the end of the table, “PASS THE PLATE!”

March is the National Women’s Month. Growing up with 3 sisters, The Dunlap Digest had to make mention of the importance of women to our society. The Dunlap Digest is now giving you a taste of a plate of motivation and inspiration for both Men & Women. 

Dig In
I ran across a motivational speech from TED. The speaker Tony Porter sheds light on how placing expectations on young boys growth and development can limit both men and women in adulthood. I have never thought of the expectations in this way. Tony gives examples of how he allows his daughter to cry when there is a problem, but expects his son to act like a man and put his tears away. By not allowing his son to cope and express his feelings, the young boy now has to act within a “man box”. Another example is the roles that women are placed into such as cooking, cleaning, and being weak. With these expectations, Tony explains that women are in turn limited and become objects with less value. His views point to men abusing and mistreating women mentally or physically.

This speech is very inspirational. It has allowed me to see how children are shaped into adults. The different ways we grow up makes us distinct in our adulthood. I want to invoke you to look back on different expectations that have been placed on you since childhood and how those expectations formed your adult views.

I’d like to hear from the Women, Men, Parents, and Children:

What did you think of the speech?

What are some expectations you have from childhood?

What are your thoughts on the “man box”?

Do you see this speech as inspirational?

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LaMecca* said...

You ALWAYS give light! Great piece to cause #Thought & #CHANGE!

Simon Keleel said...

This is a very interesting topic to think about and after reflecting on society's norms it is easy to see how boys and men are forced to fit into a "Man Box". The language we use ("don't be a girl", derogatory terms such as p*ssy, b*tch, etc.) with boys and men put them into the "Man Box" and reinforce male stereotypes. Along with the topic of National Women's Month it is important to recognize that women are also forced to fit into assigned stereotypes putting them into a "Lady Flower".

Justin said...

This was an excellent topic of discussion, Sean. After watching this video, I do believe we must properly educate our daughters and our sons, especially. There must be a sense of balance in how we rear our children. There's nothing wrong with showing emotion, within reason on either side of the scale. "Man Box" mentality can sometimes thwart the view on how men should interact with women. We don't always have to take on the "macho" role in our relationship(s). On the other side, women are not to take on the inferior role as well. Women can be assertive and confident while still holding on to their femininity. We, as men and women and someday parents, have to raise the standard towards balance in our children's lives. Let's be PROACTIVE and change this STEREOTYPE today! Once again, great provoking thought Sean.

Charmaine said...

This is a great topic! Well done, I think everyone should be aware of this "Men Box" and how it can damage so many lives.

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