Monday, February 7, 2011

Kierra Sheard & BRL's LIVE Recording

What’s on the Menu?
She has been crowned the Princess of Gospel Music, and comes from an extensive family line of GREAT singers. You will need to grab a bib as you take a taste and listen to her musical gift. 
Dig in…

Ranging from her Mother, younger brother, Aunts, Cousins, and Grandparents, the whole Moss/Clark/Sheard family is musically gifted. Kierra Sheard has been in the Gospel Music Industry almost since birth. We have all seen her grow up in the Church’s spotlight; which tends to shine brighter than any limelight, but that’s another post. Being from Michigan, I have a tad bit of favoritism towards her because she’s a Detroit Native.

Having a strong musical background, her voice brings forth power and conviction. Listening to her ability one can identify the true Gospel influence. She sings with such fervor that almost every song causes you to move physically, mentally, and emotionally. Kierra now has added actress to her accolades, and she has been featured in films such as The Preachers Kid and Blessed and Cursed.

With a total of five albums released, she is gearing up to record another CD. This time, it is something different for her; it is a LIVE recording with her choir Bold Right Life (BRL). Her younger brother J. Drew Sheard (JDS) is producing this project. The recording will take place at The Harold Washington Cultural Center in Chicago, IL, on February 28, 2011 at 7pm. So all of the Chi-Town steppers make sure you step out to this recording. I have high hopes of this project and new venture! Her team has done a great job of keeping her singles, appearances, and projects current and fresh.

Everyone enjoys something sweet, Right?! Here’s a sweet deal, the LIVE recording is $ FREE.99! You know The Dunlap Digest doesn’t mind paying that price. But just in case you want to get a  good seat AND get the chance to meet Kierra Sheard, there is a $35 VIP Experience Package. The package also includes a pre-ordered copy of the album once it is released. Anyone have plans on attending?

To purchase the VIP  Experience Package contact Juan Kirkman:
(312)545-4775 or

Check out this clip of her singing “Praise Him Now” on The WORD Network

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This is great info!!!! This is the first that I have heard about her new album I am extremely excited!!!

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