Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kierra Sheard is... FREE!

On February 28, 2011, Kierra Sheard and Bold, Right, Life (BRL) recorded a LIVE CD at The Harold Washington Cultural Center. In a previous blog post, The Dunlap Digest highlighted the event (click here to read). Now the album has been released! On October 18, 2011, the album “FREE” was released in physical and digital copies.

Kierra has been under the EMI Gospel record label for her last 5 album releases. This is the first release from her on her family’s gospel label, Karew Records and produced by her younger brother J. Drew Sheard, Jr. (JDS). According to the Billboard Gospel Charts, the album “FREE” has kept the #1 chart listing since its release.

The powerful urban sound invites listeners to pause and really pay attention to the words of each song. Kierra’s past records have brought a mix of dance tracks, worship selections, and uplifting messages. The track list on this release takes her original message of God’s love and intensifies the call of worship. Each song is filled with scripture and attention to God’s grace.

In the Gospel recording industry, live recordings has dwindled, but after hearing “FREE,” it’s popularity may come back. I would love to suggest one song as being an album favorite, but each track flows into the next and highlights the spiritual freedom one can receive from a relationship with God. “Desire,” “You Are,” “Free,” & “Indescribable” are songs that will change the spiritual outlook on how one views their relationship with God. She has definitely earned her title as the Princess of Gospel Music. Her strengthened vocal ability is showcased and it sounds like all of her emotions have been expressed on each song.

Kierra Sheard and “Free” being the second release from the independent label makes a statement in the industry that the family label will be around a while. This is a MUST buy! The album “FREE” is available on iTunes, Amazon, and most retail stores. Check out Kierra Sheard’s Facebook, Twitter, and Website.


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