Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome to My World

What’s on the Menu?
Have you noticed the same artist getting all the shine? It seems like some of the major artists get put into rotation automatically. Well I dare you to order something new from the musical menu and explore the different flavors and sounds of the one and only, Camper…. Aaron Camper (I’ve always wanted to use the James Bond intro #random). 
Dig in…

Most high school seniors have plans to either find jobs or prepare for their upcoming college experience. Aaron Camper had other plans; right after high school he started his professional musical career touring with the world re-known gospel artist Tye Tribbett. At such a young age, his voice became one of the outstanding vocals in the group.
From there Aaron's writing and vocal abilities led him to working and writing with some of the industry’s best such as Mike Posner, Rob Thomas, Jessica Simpson, Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle, The Clark Sisters, Bo Bice, Eric Roberson and Fantasia.  Garnering his first RIAA certified gold album in 2008 with Marvin Sapp's Grammy Nominated album "Thirsty". ~Via Biography

Welcome to My World is the debut solo MixTape from Aaron Camper. This album includes the writing genius and sounds from Swiz Beats, Kanye West, Eric Roberson and PJ Morton. Camper’s vocal agility coupled with the lyrical storylines will take you on a different journey on each track. “Second Thought” tells the story of a couple deciding if they want to continue their relationship. Oh, & did I mention that this track features BRANDY! By far, this is one of the best duets that I’ve heard featuring Ms. B.Rocka (Had to throw in the nickname LOL).

Aaron Camper can be respectfully compared vocally to Omarion, R. Kelly, and a male version of Brandy. In so many words, what I’m trying to say is that his vocals are out of this world. Hence the title of the MixTape which introduces the listeners to his world of musicality. The song structures are uniquely formulated to hit you with a catchy chorus but also has a storyline that plays out within the verses.

Not only is this MixTape $FREE.99 but The Dunlap Digest was granted the opportunity to ask Aaron Camper some questions (See below). Click here to download the MixTape from his website, his twitter, and Facebook.

DD: What a blazin’ Mixtape! Were you always interested in going solo?

AC: Thank you, I'm definitely not new to the game been in it for a while now writing and singing but the Mixtape was something I wanted to do and make a statement with. Never really was a goal of mine to go solo but things happen, plans change.

DD: Are there any challenges?

AC: Always. With anything you love there's gonna be a lot of challenges and difficulties that try your persistence but the music helps you get through.

DD: You have some BIG NAMED artists featured on your music (Brandy in particular, “Second Thought” is one of my favorite songs), how was it to work with

AC: I'm just honored and humbled to have my name placed next to there's. I'm just a big a fan as I am a supporter of all the artists on my Mixtape.

DD: Do you write/play your own material?

AC: Of course. Its my outlet, something I enjoy doing more than anything in the world.

DD: Do you miss being in a group setting?

AC: I'm always working with a group, my team works extremely hard helping push this brand to the forefront. I understand the importance of a team.

DD: Who do you look up to in the music industry?

AC: Everyone who's becoming everything they dreamed. Everyone who'll push the envelope and stand alone to be the best.

DD: What advice you would give to another upcoming artist trying to "make it"?

AC: Stay persistent, stay passionate and let God take care of the rest.

DD: What are your next steps?

AC: Getting to EVERY city, town, college and anywhere that supports my music. I wanna see my supporters.

DD: 5 years ago, could you have imagined the place that God has allowed you today?

AC: Never. I’m always on my toes and I try to stay prepared for anything. I’m truly blessed.

Random Questions:
What is your favorite place to visit?
- The Bathroom. It centers me. Lol

Blackberry vs. iPhone?
- Are you serious? iPhone

What do you think about these gas prices? LOL
- I’m thinking about getting a brand new Huffy "Mountain X-Treme" Series. It's so ridiculous out here.

What’s your favorite restaurant?
- A quick one.

What is something you do that nobody knows or notices? (Ex. Count your steps, bite your nails, or have a collection of items)
- If I told you then people would know, now wouldn't they?

Who Wants Seconds?
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Chan989 said...

I love this interview. It's good to know that Arron is still doing big things after Tye & G.A. Wish him well with everything and his voice is amazing can't wait to hear the mixtape I am downloading it asap lol

Kevin said...

Great interview!! I'm downloading the mixtape. I love the random questions........LOL! kw

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