Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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To Be or Not To Be…
I can remember the days where children had dreams of becoming an astronaut, firefighter, or a school teacher. But seems like now-a-days, you can find kids mimicking their favorite rapper, singer, or basketball player. Of coarse, as a parent you want to support your child in any dreams they have, but do you allow them to see reality at a young age or do you enable them to follow their dreams?

Personally, I have always seen myself working within the music or entertainment field. But at an early age, my parents talked to me about pursuing my dreams as well as having an education to support them. Being from a family of musically inclined people, I always dreamed of having a recording deal. But becoming more familiar with the “real world” my stance has changed to step more backstage and handle the business aspects. I believe that many overlook the amount of detail and leadership skills that are required to operate and manage an act.

Below is an infographic that I created to show you how the music industry has changed between the Major Record Labels/Artists and the Independent Record Labels/Artists. Take a moment to see if you can understand the meaning:

The picture explains how time and technology has shifted the growth and decline of major and independent labels/artists. As you can see, the majors were very suave and strong, and many “outsiders” wanted to become a part of that world. Indie labels/artists were around but not as apparent and seemed weak. They did not get a lot of support for distribution or radio play. Allowing technology to shift the market, social media sites and online streaming has open the flood gates of new artists and record companies. The majors are still pulling their weight, but it seems that indie labels/artists are reaping more from the changes.

What do you think? Are major labels/artists becoming the “outsiders’’?

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